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Project overview

I decided to make up an imaginary company for some practice on solving problems through strategy and design with my design process. The goal of the project was to get set the website up to potentially get more qualified video production leads to schedule an discovery session to discuss a potential project.

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The problem

Industry Media were getting their leads from their social media channels but then the leads slowed down and executives sensed maybe it was maybe a lack of their online presence. So they wanted a strategic website for potential clients to schedule meetings with them to discuss projects.

Business & design goals

The business goal is to see an increase in video production leads. Design and user goals go hand in hand for the fact that we want potential clients to easily book an appointment to discuss a future project.


I start every project with market research with the outcome of learning more about the industry. I find out how their close competition looks online and what they're doing and to see the industry lingo so I can better speak to my clients. Due diligence!

I run through a strategy session with my client so we can find out goals, content and visual direction that is on brand with the company. Then after, we do a Story Brand session to help get your messaging right so potential customers/clients understand the compelling benefits of using your products or services.

The thing with marketing websites is that its' key to include the companys’ unique selling points(USP) and value proposition(s). The USP shows key differentiators that explain why you should choose their company them over their competition. The value proposition(s) shows the potential customer the value they'll receive when working with the company.

Next, I came up with a sitemap to lay out all the pages and content that needs to be on each page to help the end user to take action.

With all the content and pages I went on to design the pages around the content so that the content fits the design.

With the designs cleared for the next phase in the process, I went into Webflow to develop a responsive and fast web presence for Industry Media. A nice feature that can be used is the edit feature where the client can make changes to their site by themselves and rely on me to make small changes like changing an image or text.

After I do a last quality assurance sweep on the site iIl start setting up things on the SEO(Search Engine Optimization) side so that the site can be more visible by Google and most importantly target prospects.

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Key takeaways

Even though this was a fictional project, I learned a lot on how to better execute my process and fine tune some kinks. Only thing left to do is to give the site a domain name and launch this bad boy and track metrics.

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